Human Nature: Friendship

I think, I know what the problem is. We’re millennials, 21st century kids. We have never climbed a tree with our peers to look into a bird’s nest or just simply haven’t played all day long without much care about the world. We certainly dont know what a friendship is. I myself have experienced certain incidents where I have felt that I might as well be better off all alone but on the other hand also kept wondering, what did I do so wrong to fuck things up. Whenever I look at my dad, he’s a happy person with a lot of “back” with all his college and even school friends still in touch and not only are they just in touch with each other, they’re still friends. They are always there for my dad and my dad is always There for them. I see my mom, she too has a lot of friends but due to her dad’s job, she never lived in the same city every year, constantly changing schools, she couldn’t even make any friends. It’s only now, after she is married and in a completely different place from her homeland, she is able to re connect with her friends but sadly enough she can’t meet them. I stated the real life examples of both my parents as they’re highly contrasting. I can’t relate to either of their scenarios because I genuinely feel that we people don’t know the true meaning of friendship the way they know. I always admire the way they recall their childhood. I too want to recall my childhood that way. “We don’t trust our peers ?” wrong, we don’t trust ourselves. “He is like that.” “She said that.” How old are we ? You say 16, right ? But why do you behave like a 2-year-old then ? Do the hell with who said what, should be concentrating on entering the world. School is not the starting and ending point of your life my dear, you have to see the world. Friends, are also not the starting and ending point of your life, they are there for a special purpose, that is to accompany you, because trust me life out there is shit. So we all need to stop having hard feelings towards each other and focus on the good things. I mean, you’re my friend, I should be delighted to see you, not disgusted. Then, sharing stuff about your other friends with other friends is basic human nature, don’t freak out if you get to hear your most embarrassing drunk story from that nerd in your class. I know, this is wrong but it persists and the third-party always has some bad intentions to be honest. The solution to this is, stop being a gossiper, you will lose every thing you cherish. Jealousy: “Oh she got good grades, I’ll destroy that bitch now.” Dude take a break, she’s your friend. She studied hard and didn’t sit around focusing on being jealous (oops). And last but not the least, he did that to me, I’ll get my revenge. Why turn everything into Mahabharta? Mistakes happen bro ! Just get over it and continue with your life and of course sort things out with your friend. So in the end, ( I know, I’ve bored you enough) I would like to say, my dear friend, you’re the best person and let’s find the true meaning of friendship together Andddd be delighted to see each other, not disgusted. (^。^)


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