Not this time Cinderella

As Cinderella got ready for the ball,
She chose her torn clothes over the gown.
And heels over glass slippers which would make her fall,
The fairy god mother came around just to frown.
Down stairs waited the footman with a smirk on his face,
Because this time Cinderella wasn’t bound to find her ‘prince’.
Her air-conditioned wagon picked up a pace,
They at the ball as she winced.
The palace was surrounded by hippies and brats,
And she was welcomed with smoke and noise.
There stood her prince charming with a glass of wine in his hands,
Uh oh! Cinderelli had no choice.
Hands on hips, they danced through the crowd,
‘Ding ding’ and the clock struck twelve.
Pushing him away, she ran away clutching on to her shroud,
Broke her heel at the stairs and her feet had begun to swell.
Fell down and began crying,
Turned around and saw him laughing.
There! Prince charming who wasn’t even trying!
Along came her wagon with a grumpy footman,
Picked her up, pushed her into the car.
“Don’t ever come back, you don’t belong here”said the gentleman,
Arrived at home at a late hour.
In the kitchen stood the step – mother,
What a fake smile, Oh brother!


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