She picks up a pen, ruffles up her hair. All the words wander around in her mind like a swarm of butterflies in a meadow, “Is this even worth it?” Sighs, puts her pen down. Goes back to her bed, lies down and closes her eyes.

Internal voice

“For all those words, thoughts and voices in my head, how will they ever reach out? It’s not oblivion what I’m afraid of, it’s the fear of rejection. In a world full of such perfection, how will I shine out ?

Is it even perfection ? or people are just phony, afraid of discernment. They know there is a more powerful force out there, among them which threatens to steal their light. So why not cut it’s wings even before it learns to fly, why not silence it even before it learns to speak or why not criticize it even before it learns to accept itself. Is it just me or people are that way ? maybe if I express my concerns openly, I may get silenced.

‘My little girl’ says my mom ‘this is our world, we are supposed to live this way, people are going to judge you, criticize you, you are just supposed to ignore them and continue living your life.’

why? the question never made it out of my mouth. This is what I want to say, ‘silenced before it even learns to speak’

How am I supposed to express these concerns now, for a matchstick which could have started a forest fire was blown out before it could even ignite”

She opened her eyes got up, looked at her desk. A huge smile spread across her face, all she ever thought about was spilled out now. Out in front of the whole world, sitting on the top of her desk.


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