Prior’s priority!

Divergence is beautiful

Waiting to levitate


A world flattened to hope,
A fear dumped into love,
The silence never spoke,
The lies by the dove,
You can’t feel the change,
You can’t feel the touch,
Of the sky illuminated by,
The fireflies in search,
A deep slumber calling out,
See the ground pulling me in,
See the nerves break down,
As the potion seeps into my skin,
Ready to see the fortune of,
The heaven,the hell,the sin,
Miss the shards of the broken,
Bon Voyage with a grin.
– Last thoughts of Beatrice Prior while dying at the hands of death serum and bullet holes.

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Published by:

Harleen Kaur

I am a controversial writer and I started writing at the age of 15. I write about social scenarios and my interpretations of various human emotions. I also post my writings on my instagram account @chamelaucium, where I am more active, so you can catch up with me over there also :) Happy writing !

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