I’m Sorry

I wasn’t planning for this day but I did know that once it will come and you will be gone. Somewhere in between those moments of us, I realized you didn’t belong to me. I was tired of this, all of this, but my love, I loved you like you were the only thing that existed. I loved you without actually feeling it. Maybe because that’s the thing with love, you never know it yourself when you are in it. It was in that moment when I realized that I didn’t actually know how much I loved you. I was unsure about your feelings towards me but I was okay with that. I loved you like a maniac, even you knew that in fact you were the only one who actually knew how much I loved you but you still didn’t acknowledge it. I felt like that another girl, who didn’t exist for you. Remember when you  first told me that you loved me ? I hope you do and I’m sure you do. I fell in love with you at that moment not knowing where it is going to take me. I went against my world to be with you. It’s been years now, I feel that weight in my heart about letting you go. Yes, I lost my soul mate. I’m sorry I let you go because you loved me too but my love, our love wasn’t just confined in that time limit it was way beyond that it was, it is and it will be infinite. I’m sorry, I hurt you. I’m sorry, I left you. I’m sorry, I betrayed you. I’m sorry, I still love you.

Straight from my heart


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