I’d rather make mistakes than to regret them

I’m a human being, I make the most genuine mistakes ever and I tell myself daily, mistakes are to be made but never regretted.

I might as well be intoxicated at your cat’s funeral or mourning at your friend’s wedding because I make mistakes but never regret them.

It’s just the nature of human beings to make mistakes, that’s what granny told me when I was younger, ever since then she has made me proud of my mistakes.

I started smoking, I invited my death to myself. Now waking up on my hospital bed with my lungs on fire reminds of my every mistake, sans regret.

I wish I listened to my parents when I was younger, I wish I told the guy of my dreams, how I felt about him, I wish I brought that stray dog in the rain back home.

I wish I chose what I wanted to be in my life, I wish I chose my man, I wish I chose my world, I wish I chose my dreams.

But regret never came along I still found happiness in what I found, what I did and I fell in love with it.

I started embracing my mistakes, I started loving them and learning them but never regretted them.

I chose to dive into the oceans of my thoughts rather than to stick to the reality but I never let my mistakes usurp me.

I fell in love, once, twice, thrice. I failed in tests. I failed in every aspect of my life. I made mistakes again and again.

Here I lie on my death bed now, dwindling slowly… remembering every mistake and smiling with my eyes closed. Eavesdropping the people around me but they are so faint for me to hear. I think I’m going to make my last mistake now, that is to leave this world without a word, without making my last mistake.


Published by:

Harleen Kaur

I am a controversial writer and I started writing at the age of 15. I write about social scenarios and my interpretations of various human emotions. I also post my writings on my instagram account @chamelaucium, where I am more active, so you can catch up with me over there also :) Happy writing !

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